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SmartBots Bots Playground is a dedicated sandbox to run your own programs which control your bot.

The Bots Playground is available here:

Playground Language

Bots Playground screenshot.png

Playground runs programs written JavaScript. The pure javascript: with callbacks, functions, arrays and objects. The underlying javascript engine is NodeJS (V8).

There are some limitations applied yet:

  • We do not support ECMAScript 6
  • import/export is disabled
  • you can't include one script into another (yet)

Interacting with your bot

Your program sends commands to the bot. Events come from the bots to your program.

This two-way communication is tied directly into javascript program routines:

Refer to Examples page for more info.

Safety FAQ

Is my bot password safe? 
Yes. We do not store bot and SmartBots account passwords on a sandbox server at all.
Can scripts read files? 
No. The scripts are sandboxed and can't access world outside the sandbox. However, check the "Bug Hunter" program below.
Can I crash the server? 
Yes, easily. Just write the script which starts a dead loop. During the beta test we don't track and kill such scripts (we will later). So... just act wisely.
Can someone access my scripts? 
We think nobody can, but check the Bug Hunter program below. And remember that your program does not hold any bot and account passwords.

Bug Hunter program

Playground scripts run in their own sandboxes. Well, they are supposed to be sandboxes... we appreciate if you report the security holes within Bug Hunter program.