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This script displays the basic usage of Bot_Playground/Events/script_dialog and Bot_Playground/Commands/replyDialog functions.

With this script you will receive an Instant Message outlining the options each time your bot receives a dialog menu, you can respond to the Instant Message with the option you want your bot to click.

// You should put your avatar name here to ensure you receive dialog options via. IM and be able to respond to them.
var ownerName = "YourName Resident";

var channel;
var objUuid;
var options;
var index;

Bot.on("script_dialog", function(event) {
  channel = event.channel;
  objUuid = event.object_uuid;
  options = event.buttons;
  Bot.im(ownerName, "I just received a dialog, respond to me with the option I should choose:\n\nChannel:"+channel+"\n\nMessage:\n"+event.text+"\n\nOptions:\n"+options.join("\n")+"\nIgnore - Ignores the dialog\n\n(The options are CaSe SeNsItIvE)");

Bot.on("instant_message", function(event) {
  if (Array.isArray(options)) {
    if (event.speaker_name == ownerName) {
      if (event.message.toLowerCase() == "ignore") {
        channel = objUuid = options = index = "";
        Bot.im(ownerName, "Dialog ignored successfully.");
      } else {
        index = options.indexOf(event.message);
        if (index != "-1") {
            Bot.replyDialog(channel, objUuid, options[index]);
        } else Bot.im(ownerName, "Invalid option received. Please choose one of the following options:\n\n"+options.join("\n")+"\nIgnore - Ignores the dialog\n\n(The options are CaSe SeNsItIvE)");