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TotalControl library raises events to inform your script about errors, chat IMs and other things happened. To catch them, use the LSL link_message event (see TotalControl Examples for usage patterns).

Parsing Events

LSL link_message event has the following syntax:

link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) { ... }

For TotalControl, num will contain the event code (see below). str and id values depend on the event.

Events List

The following events can be raised by TotalControl:

Command Description


BOT_SETUP_SUCCESS Raised when Bot has been set successfully
BOT_SETUP_FAILED Raised when there was an error setting the bot
BOT_COMMAND_FAILED Raised when command error occurs.
BOT_EVENT_STATUS_REPLY Raised when bot status is received.


BOT_EVENT_LISTEN_SUCCESS Raised when a listener has successfully been established
BOT_EVENT_LISTEN_LOCAL_CHAT Raised when Bot sees a message in local chat
BOT_EVENT_LISTEN_IM Raised when Bot receives an instant message
BOT_EVENT_LISTEN_INVENTORY Raised when Bot receives an inventory item
BOT_EVENT_LISTEN_MONEY Raised when Bot receives a payment
BOT_EVENT_LISTEN_DIALOG Raised when Bot receives a dialog menu

Request Responses

BOT_LIST_GROUPS_REPLY Raised when Bot receives list of groups
BOT_GET_BALANCE_REPLY Raised when when balance is successfully requested
BOT_ATTACHMENTS_REPLY Raised when Bot receives list of attachments