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Token is a "charge" or SmartBots AI, to be utilized by SmartBots AI engine. Think of token as a short word (~4 characters). Longer words may consume more than 1 token.

Calling SmartBots AI consumes tokens of script owner. Thus, when you sell scripts at Bot Store, your buyers would need to fund tokens balance. As of Oct 2023, each user is eligible for 20,000 free tokens.

Tokens usage

Tokens are consumed for the following parts of a request:

  • User message (what resident says to the bot)
  • Instructions
  • All previous messages (to keep a context)

Usage example

For example:

1st message from resident
Resident: "Hello!"
Request to AI: "Your instructions" + "Hello"
Bot response: "Hi!"
Total tokens: 1 (message) + 2 (instructions) + 1 (response)
2nd message
Resident: "Who are you?"
Request to AI: "Your instructions + "Hello" (1st message) + "Hi!" (1st response) + "Who are you?" (new message)
Bot response: "I am a bot"
Total tokens: 3 (message) + 2 (instructions) + 4 (history) + 4 (response)

Actually the number of tokens will be higher: we also send the bot name, resident name and some system data.

Tokens report

AI functions (like return tokens usage report, as well as amounts of tokens left. This can be used to warn the script owner about low tokens balance.