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HTTP API commands are being sent to the bot by calling a special HTTP URL:

The request can be either GET or POST. Read the Doing HTTP API Calls article for more info.


You can compose and test your queries using SmartBots API Testing Suite:

Available bot HTTP commands

Command Description


login Initiates bot login sequence.
logout Initiates bot logout sequence.
set_http_callback Specifies your HTTP callback script to receive bot events (invitations, IMs etc).


im Sends an Instant Message to a specific user.
reply_dialog Virtually "presses" a pop-up dialog button (which was displayed by an in-world script).
say_chat_channel Says message over a specific chat channel.


listinventory Returns a list ofthe bot's inventory folder contents.
give_inventory Commands bot to send an inventory item or folder to specific avatar.


rebake Commands bot to rebake its appearance (reload its clothing and skin textures).
takeoff Removes a clothing item, body part or attachment (the opposite of the wear command).
wear Commands bot to wear a clothing item, body part or attach an object.

Group management

activate_group Activates a specific group (for example, to get build rights on the parcel).
group_join Tries to join a group by UUID.
group_leave Commands bot to leave the group specified by a UUID.
list_group_roles Returns a list the roles in given group.
listgroups Returns a list of the Second Life groups the bot is member of.

Group members and communications

group_invite Sends a group invitation to a specific resident.
group_eject Ejects residents from the group.
send_group_im Sends a message to group chat.
send_notice Sends a notice to the group.
setrole Puts member of a group in a specific role.


get_balance Returns avatar L$ balance.
give_money Commands bot to send money (L$) to specific avatar.
give_money_object Commands bot to send money (L$) to a specific object.

Avatar info

avatar_groups Returns a list of a resident's groups.
avatar_picks Returns a list of a resident's picks.
key2name Returns avatar Second Life name by UUID.
name2key Returns avatar UUID by Second Life name.
offer_friendship Offers friendship to a resident.
offer_teleport Sends a teleport offer to the resident.


attachments Returns a list of the bot's attachments (including HUD objects).
touch_attachment Touches an object attached to the bot (HUD or attachment).
move Start or stop bot movement and rotations.
parcel_info Returns a lot of information about a parcel.
sit Commands bot to sit on a specific prim.
teleport Teleports bot to specific location.
touch_prim Touches a prim in-world.
touch_prim_coord Touches a prim in-world by using its coordinates.

Sim control

simrestart Begins the sim restart routine. Also used to cancel the restart routine previously started.


API frequency restrictions may be applied for numerous subsequent queries (especially messaging ones: im, send_group_im etc). We suggest maintaining about 3 seconds delay between the subsequent queries since SL also caps delivery at this rate.

SmartBots API query returns the following error message when you hit the frequency restriction: Frequent API requests throttled