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SmartBots AI is a conversation-based AI which can be used with Playground scripts in order to create AI conversations.

SmartBots AI for developers

The most convenient way to access SmartBots AI is to use conversations.

You can send "raw" requests to the AI but conversations give you the way to keep track of context (previous messages and responses.

  • You create a conversation by calling Bot.AI.getConversationByName(residentName). The resulting object may be reused for further communications with AI.
  • SmartBots AI keeps track of a context within a conversation.
  • Conversation options can be adjusted separately for each conversation.
  • Conversations are system-wide, tied to script + bot + specific resident.

Main concepts

The rules for the bot: how to react, how to role-play, what to know. Check instructions examples
Each request to SmartBots AI consumes tokens. Read more here about tokens usage.

AI commands reference

Command Description

Commands Sends a chat message request to bot AI.
Bot.AI.configure Configures AI options to be used in all further communications within the current script.
Bot.AI.getConversationByName Get/create conversation with a specific resident. If conversation doesn't exist yet, creates it.
Bot.AI.forgetConversation Forget (cancel) conversation of a bot with a specific resident. Sends a chat message request to bot AI within a conversation with a specific resident.
Conversation.configure Sets some configuration values for the future usage