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SmartBots AdminBot for Groups is a LSL library which allows your LSL script to perform the functions previously available for the bots only!

Adminbot showscreen.jpg

Major Features

  • Invite other residents to your group
  • Send group chat messages
  • Listen to the group chat (yes, it's possible too now!)
  • Eject members from the group
  • Send group notices

See the AdminBot Changelog page for last updates.

All these features are available out-of-the-box! You just need to list the group with SmartBots, and have a valid subscription.

Obtaining AdminBot for Groups

You can get AdminBot in SmartBots Store for free at SL Marketplace: click here.

AdminBot Documentation with Examples

All AdminBot commands and events are explained at AdminBot Documentation page.

Usage examples are available at AdminBot Examples page.