Built-in Functions

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The basic built-in functions do not relate to bot functionality. Instead, they allow writing flexible scripts.

setTimeout(function() { console.log("Timer has fired!"); }, 3000);

Commands reference

Command Description

Program flow

exit Ends the execution of the program.
sleep Pauses a program execution.
Timer control Standard timer control routines of JavaScript: setTimeout, setInterval etc.

Persistent bot storage

localStorage.get Restores a string value from a persistent storage.
localStorage.set Puts a string value into a persistent storage.
localStorage.keys Returns the list of the available keys in a persistent storage.
localStorage.on Adds the event callback on localStorage.


http.get Retrieves data from a HTTP source.
http.post Retrieves data from a HTTP source using the POST method.


console.log Logs data to the runtime log.
console.error Logs data to the error log.