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Developer's API key is a kind of signature of a developer. Each HTTP API command requires it, and you use the same key in all your script.


Imagine you've created some device to control bots, and then you sell it. You need three things to control bot:

  1. Developer's key - this identifies a developer of the device
  2. Customer's bot name - which bot script is going to control
  3. Customer's bot access code - confirms that script has an ability to control that bot

You (developer) use the same "developer key" in all your devices. Bot name and access code changes for every customer (for example, using a config notecard).

Obtaining the key

  1. Login to your SmartBots account
  2. Check left menu, "Business Tools" => For Developers
  3. Locate your key at the top of the page:

Developing for yourself?

If you don't sell devices to other people, you still need to get a developer's key and use it for HTTP API commands.