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Adds the event callback on localStorage. Also check localStorage.set().

localStorage.on(eventName, callback);


This command accepts the following parameters:

Variable Required Description

eventName yes the name of the event. Currently only supported event is "update"
callback yes the callback function to fire on event, function(entry, value, script) where
  • entry - is the name of the key set
  • value - the value
  • script - the name of the script which did the change


Use this function if you want to know when other scripts do localStorage.set().

Important: the "update" event does not react on localStorage.set() calls in current script.


To see how localStorage.on("update") works you'll need two scripts:

The "Listener" script:

localStorage.on("update", function(entry, value, script) {
	console.log("localStorage got updated:", entry, "=", value, "by script", script);


The "Initiator" script:

localStorage.set("data", "data from 1");

How to run:

  1. Launch the "Listener" script (it will keep running)
  2. Launch the "Initiator" script (it will run and stop)
  3. Now switch to the "Listener" script and check the runtime logs of "Listener"