Logging out and back in

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This example script logs bot out, waits for 30 seconds and then logs back in. To track the procedure, we set event handlers: before_logout, before_login and after_login.

P.S. Note that you can chain Bot.on() function calls as shown below.

	.on("before_logout", function(event) {
		console.log("Event: Bot is logging out");
	.on("before_login", function(event) {
		console.log("Event: Bot is logging in");
	.on("after_login", function(event) {
		console.log("Event: Bot has logged in");

// Logout bot in few seconds (otherwise bot may not notice the events we just set)
setTimeout(function() {
	console.log("Logging out the bot...");
}, 5 * 1000);

// Then wait 30 second and login back
setTimeout(function() {
	console.log("Starting log in sequence...");
}, 30 * 1000);