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Touches an attachment of the bot (HUD or wearable object)

Bot.touchAttachment(objectName, linkNumber);


This command accepts the following parameters:

Variable Required Description

objectName yes The name of the object to touch.
linkNumber yes The link number of the prim (root prim = 1)
Function returns a Promise with the following data:
success bool true if command completed successfully
error string error string if command has failed

Return value

  • If object is not found, bot returns result.success=false and error message in result.error (use .then(function(result) to catch this).
  • If linkNumber is wrong (less than 1 or more than number of child prims), function returns a success but no touch happens.


Remember that bot have to load all objects from SL before touching them. So:

  • after logging in, give bot about 30 seconds to load surrounding objects,
  • the same after teleporting.

Determining the link number

The root prim is always 1 (so, linkNumber=1 for 1-prim objects too).

To get the link number of the specific child prim use Phoenix Firestorm viewer:

Get object linknum.jpg
  1. Start editing your object
  2. Check "Edit linked" option
  3. Select required child prim
  4. See the "Link number" value


Touch a special test attachment object (contact SmartBots support to get it):

// Touch the button of the "Touch tester v2.0" object:
Bot.touchAttachment("Touch tester v2.0", 2);

// Gracefully exit since we're done