Bot Store script releases

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When you sell your script at Bot Store, you sell a specific release. Consider it a "script version".

At lease one (first) release is required. However, you may want to update, bug-fix and update your already-existing script. To do this, you keep the script development and eventually do a next release.


Each release has the following info associated:

  • Release version
  • Internal name (only you see it)
  • Public details (for example, the list of bugs fixed)
  • Script permissions (read more about permissions)
  • User settings (read more about user settings)

Release version

Release version consists of three parts ("00.00.000") - major version, minor version and build number. You can increase them in the way you want. The only requirement is that version number of a new release has to be greater than a previous one.

There's no way to rollback the release. Instead, you create a new release.

Existing script users

Once you release a script update, each user (buyer) of your script will get an invitation to install this update.