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Commands are being sent to the bot by calling the javascript method of Bot:"Glaznah Gassner", "Hello there!");

Commands reference

Command Description


status Returns the online status of the bot.
statusExt Returns the online status of the bot.
login Initiates bot login sequence.
logout Initiates bot logout sequence.


say Says message over a specific chat channel.
im Sends Instant Message to specific avatar.
replyDialog Virtually "presses" a pop-up dialog button (which was displayed by an in-world script).
startTyping Sends "typing" in chat to a specific user.
stopTyping Stops sending "typing" in chat to a specific user.


acceptFriendshipOffer Accept (or reject) a friendship offer sent by other avatar.
offerFriendship Offers friendship to a resident.

Group Control

acceptGroupOffer Accept (or reject) a group invitation sent by other avatar.
activateGroup Activates a specific group (for example, to get build rights on the parcel).
groupInfo Returns the Second Life group details.
joinGroup Tries to join a group by UUID.
leaveGroup Commands bot to leave the group specified by a UUID.
listGroups Returns a list of the Second Life groups the bot is member of.
revokeGroupRole Removes a group member from a specific role.
sendGroupIM Sends a message to group chat.
sendNotice Sends a notice to the group.
setGroupRole Puts member of a group in a specific role.

Group Members Control

ejectGroupMember Ejects residents from the group.
inviteGroup Sends a group invitation to a specific resident.


acceptInventoryOffer Accept (or reject) an inventory offer sent by other avatar or in-world script.
listInventory Returns a list of the Second Life groups the bot is member of.
giveInventory Commands bot to send an inventory item or folder to specific avatar.


takeoff Removes a clothing item, body part or attachment (the opposite of the wear command).
wear Commands bot to wear a clothing item, body part or attach an object.


getBalance Retrieves the current bot's L$ balance.
giveMoney Commands bot to send money (L$) to specific avatar.


fly Starts or stops flying.
move Start or stop bot movement and rotations.
sit Commands bot to sit on a specific prim. Allows saving this object as a permanent location.
teleport Teleports bot to specific location.
walkTo Walk to a position within the current region.

Other avatars interaction

avatarInfo Returns the Second Life avatar details.
key2name Returns avatar Second Life name by UUID.
name2key Returns the UUID of the given resident by name.
offerTeleport Sends a teleport offer to the resident.
acceptTeleportOffer Accept (or reject) a teleport offer sent by other avatar.

World interaction

scanNearbyAvatars Scans current region for other avatars.
takeInworldPrim Takes (de-rezzes) or copies in-world prim into bot's inventory. Not available for QubicBot yet (?)
touchAttachment Touches an attachment of the bot (HUD or wearable object)
touchPrim Touches an in-world object (prim) by its UUID

Region (sim) control

regionRestart Queries to restart current region of the bot
regionRestartCancel Cancels pending restart of current region

If you already using SmartBots HTTP API

If you already using SmartBots HTTP API, you may notice that these commands roughly correspond to HTTP API bot commands.