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Commands are being sent to the bot by calling the javascript method of Bot:"Glaznah Gassner", "Hello there!");

Commands reference

Command Description

Online status

login Initiates bot login sequence.
logout Initiates bot logout sequence.


say Says message over a specific chat channel.
im Sends Instant Message to specific avatar.
replyDialog Virtually "presses" a pop-up dialog button (which was displayed by an in-world script).


listInventory Returns a list of the Second Life groups the bot is member of.
giveInventory Commands bot to send an inventory item or folder to specific avatar.


takeoff Removes a clothing item, body part or attachment (the opposite of the wear command).
wear Commands bot to wear a clothing item, body part or attach an object.

Group Management

activateGroup Activates a specific group (for example, to get build rights on the parcel).
joinGroup Tries to join a group by UUID.
leaveGroup Commands bot to leave the group specified by a UUID.
inviteGroup Sends a group invitation to a specific resident.
ejectGroupMember Ejects residents from the group.
setGroupRole Puts member of a group in a specific role.
revokeGroupRole Removes a group member from a specific role.
listGroups Returns a list of the Second Life groups the bot is member of.

Group Messaging

sendGroupIM Sends a message to group chat.
sendNotice Sends a notice to the group.


giveMoney Commands bot to send money (L$) to specific avatar.
key2name Returns avatar Second Life name by UUID.
name2key Returns the UUID of the given resident by name.
offerTeleport Sends a teleport offer to the resident.
offerFriendship Offers friendship to a resident.


fly Bot Playground/Commands/fly
sit Commands bot to sit on a specific prim. Allows saving this object as a permanent location.
teleport Teleports bot to specific location.
touchAttachment Touches an attachment of the bot (HUD or wearable object)
touchPrim Touches an in-world object (prim) by its UUID
walk Bot Playground/Commands/walk

If you already using SmartBots HTTP API

If you already using SmartBots HTTP API, you may notice that these commands roughly correspond to HTTP API bot commands.