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Scans current region for other avatars.

const result = await Bot.scanNearbyAvatars();


This command accepts the following parameters:

Variable Required Description

Function returns a Promise with the following data:
success bool true if command completed successfully
error string error string if command has failed
avatars Array An array containing avatars on sim. See "Response details" for more info.

Response details

'avatars' field of the response is an array and contains the list of avatars our bot sees:

  // Avatar name
  "name": "GrrrillaBongo Resident",
  // Avatar UUID
  "UUID": "d8e20552-ca84-4c42-b8d3-e8fa5fbdcc6b",

  // The parcel this avatar currently in
  "parcelID": 177,

  // If avatar is sitting on something
  "sitting": false,

  // Position of avatar in-world
  "position": {
    "X": 110,
    "Y": 75,
    "Z": 32
  // Local position. If avatar is sitting this position is relative to sit parent
  "localPosition": {
    "X": 110,
    "Z": 32,
    "Y": 75
  // Avatar heading (the view direction)
  "heading": 0,
  // Local heading (for sitting avatars)
  "localHeading": 0,

  // The distance to this avatar
  "distance": 129.97195,

  // When we seen this avatar for first time (see Details)
  "seenSince": "2022-10-18T12:36:58.2626463Z",
  // How much seconds do we see this avatar
  "seenSeconds": 123,


'SeenSince' value shows when we saw the specific avatar for the first time when running scanNearbyAvatars. For example:

  1. Bot logs on. Time passes (say, 1 hour).
  2. Script sends 'scanNearbyAvatars' command
  3. Bot sees one avatar, Guest1 and sets SeenSince to current time (say, "2022-10-18 13:00")
  4. 5 minutes passes
  5. Script sends 'scanNearbyAvatars' again
  6. Now bot sees that another avatar arrived - Guest2. Its SeenSince will be "2022-10-18 13:05"

Thus, all further calls to 'scanNearbyAvatars' will return:

  • Guest1: SeenSince = "2022-10-18 13:00"
  • Guest2: SeenSince = "2022-10-18 13:05"

SeenSeconds shows the number of seconds we see avatar (Now - SeenSince).


The maximum rate of calling scanNearbyAvatars is 2 calls per 10 seconds. Excessive calls will return "Frequent API requests throttled" error.

Data size

The amount of data returned by this command can be pretty large (up to 10kb and more). Remember console.log is unable to log more than 4kbytes.

If you need to trace scanNearbyAvatars response, use for(...of...) loop (as used in Examples below).


See the [nearby avatars] scripts in our Playground Examples section.