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Sends a chat message request to bot AI., senderName[, options])


This command accepts the following parameters:

Variable Required Description

message yes chat message to the bot
residentName yes The name of the resident sending the message
options optional The name of the resident sending the message Format:
instructions?: string;
// Previous messade ID, if responding to a particular previous AI message of the bot
parentMessageId?: string;
// Maximum number of tokens to generate in response
maxResponseTokens?: number;
text The response of the bot
messageId The id of the response message. Can be specified as parentMessageId later
usage The object which contains Token Usage. Format: The object which contains all groups. Format:
// Number of tokens in a request (message + instructions + history)
prompt_tokens: number;
// Number of tokens in a response
completion_tokens: number;
// Total tokens used
total_tokens: number;
// Tokens left on SmartBots AI balance
tokens_left: number;
  • In case of error functions throws an error with a message.