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Raised when Bot receives a dialog menu


This event comes with the following event object:

Variable Required Description
event object properties:
str Dialog details in the format "channel\nObjectName\nOwnerName\nDialogMsg\nButtons"
id UUID of object that sent dialog


link_message( integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id ) {
    /////////////////// Bot listen dialog event
        // Split details with a semi colon "\n"
        list details = llParseString2List(str, ["\n"], []);
    	llOwnerSay("Channel: " + llList2String(details,0));
    	llOwnerSay("Object Name: " + llList2String(details,1));
    	llOwnerSay("Owner Name: " + llList2String(details,2));
    	llOwnerSay("Dialog Message: " + llList2String(details,2));
    	llOwnerSay("Buttons: " + llList2String(details,2));
    	llOwnerSay("Object UUID: " + (string)id);