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Returns a lot of information about a parcel.


The following table shows input values (you send them with the API call) and returned output values.

Variable Required Description.
This API command applies only for Standard bot
Input basic parameters:
action yes = parcel_info
apikey yes Your personal developer's API key.
botname yes Your bot's SL login.
secret yes Bot access code of your bot.
custom no The custom data (string) to be passed back to caller script. This value will be returned back to the caller in HTTP response.
x no the X coordinate of the point in parcel
y no the Y coordinate of the point in parcel
getvalue no limit return list to this entry (see return values below)
result OK - command completed successfully
FAIL - command failed
resulttext Detailed reason for the failure.
custom The value from input "custom" parameter. See above.
*** A lot of variables, see below


This API request returns a lot of information about a parcel. You can retrieve the information about:

  • a parcel at a specific point (using x and y coordinates) or
  • current bot's parcel (don't set x and y to fetch this info)

Return values

This request returns a lot of information about the parcel. The following entries are being returned:

Entry Description
parcel_area Parcel area, in m2
parcel_claimdate The date when parcel was created/claimed
parcel_description Description of the parcel. IMPORTANT: the description is being URL-escaped (it can contain new-line characters). Use llUnescapeURL() function to decode.
parcel_group The UUID of the parcel group.
parcel_groupowned Contains True if parcel is group owned.
parcel_groupprims Total number of primitives owned by the parcel group on this parcel
parcel_maxprims Maximum number of primitives this parcel supports
parcel_totalprims Total number of primitives on this parcel
parcel_musicurl The music URL of the parcel
parcel_cleantime Auto-return time (minutes)
parcel_owner Parcel owner UUID
parcel_ownerprims The number of prims owned by the parcel owner (resident or group)
parcel_saleprice The price of the parcel (if parcel is for sale)
parcel_snapshot Key of parcel snapshot
parcel_landingpoint The landing point of the parcel
parcel_flags Various flags, separated by commas

Limiting the number of return values

parcel_info API request returns a lot of data which may be critical for LSL scripts. To limit return entries to specific one, use a getvalue parameter (see examples).


1. Get all information about parcel the bot is on:


2. Get the group UUID of the current bot's parcel:


3. Get the number of owner's prims at point <25,32,0>:


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