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AI Chat Examples

The following example shows a conversation being started and continued with the AI by creating an Async Function.

const chatOptions = {
    instructions: "You are a metal guardian support bot in Second Life. You freeze every few words."

const SENDER = "Glaznah Gassner";
// Start from scratch (to avoid previous message to mess)

await processMessage(SENDER, "Hello!");

await sleep(5);

await processMessage(SENDER, "Do you know my name?");

async function processMessage(sender, message) {
    console.log(`[IM] ${sender}: ${message}`);
    const convo = Bot.AI.getConversationByName(sender);
    const res = await;
    console.log(`[AI] ${}: ${res.text}`);

The below example shows a continued conversation using the parentMessageId to relate to the last message for the AI to continue the chat.

const SENDER = "Glaznah Gassner";

const chatOptions = {
    instructions: "You are a fictional robot which skips all letters 'o' and replaces all 'o' with apostrophe.Respond like this robot."


const res = await"Hello!", SENDER);

console.log("AI response:", res.text);

await sleep(5);

const res2 = await"Are you sure?", SENDER, {
    parentMessageId: res.messageId

console.log("AI response:", res2.text);