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All the payments you earn from selling your Playground scripts go to SmartBots Wallet.


  • Early launch (Sep-Nov 2022): no Store commission (you get 100% of the payment).
  • Production Store commission: 5% (you get 95% of the payment).


You can check your Store earnings in SmartBots account: Wallet > Earnings page.


Playground earnings fall to your SmartBots Wallet immediately (and can be used with SmartBots services). However, earnings are not available for withdrawal yet, they get "ON HOLD" status.

Earnings become available in 21 day rounded up (to satisfy Refund Policy). Earnings get "RELEASED" status afterwards, becoming available for withdrawal.


The earnings withdrawal is under development yet, as well as the payments history. Check your SmartBots account for available options.

Refund Policy

SmartBots Store scripts are subject for unconditional 14 days refund. Upon buyer's refund request the following happens:

  1. Purchased script is being removed from buyer's inventory.
  2. Money returned to buyer's balance.
  3. Your (seller's) earnings record gets a "REFUNDED" status.

Under some circumstances the refund can be issued even beyond 14 days period. The approval of the refund is solely on behalf of SmartBots Support staff. Late refunds also reduce sellers earnings records.

If your script can not/should not be refunded (for example, by providing a non-revocable assets and/or access) contact SmartBots Support to set your item as non-refundable.