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All commands are invoked by calling llMessageLinked LSL function:

llMessageLinked(integer linknum, integer num, string str, key id);
  • num is a code of the command (see below)
  • str and id parameters depend on a particular command

See the Examples for usage patterns.

TotalControl Commands List

The following commands are available within TotalControl for LSL library:

Command Description

Startup commands

BOT_SETUP_SETBOT Sets the working personal Bot. Other commands require this command to be invoked first.
BOT_STATUS_QUERY Queries the selected bot status (useful to determine the subscription length).
BOT_RESET_TOTALCONTROL Invokes llResetScript() for TotalControl script.

Bot Status commands

BOT_LOGIN Initiates bot login process.
BOT_LOGOUT Initiates bot logout process.
BOT_LOCATION Returns the location of the bot.

Device settings commands

BOT_SETUP_SETOPTIONS Sets various options for TotalControl.
BOT_SETUP_DEVICENAME Sets the device name and device creator for your statistics purposes (you will be able to see who is using your device).
BOT_SETUP_SETLINK Commands TotalCotrol to use specific link number for llMessageLinked calls instead of LINK_SET.

Communication commands

BOT_SAY_CHAT Commands bot to say a message on the specified channel
BOT_INSTANT_MESSAGE Commands bot to send an instant message to an avatar
BOT_SAY_GROUP_CHAT Commands bot to send a message to the specified group
BOT_SEND_NOTICE Commands bot to send a notice to the specified group
BOT_OFFER_TELEPORT Commands bot send a teleport offer to the given avatar UUID
BOT_LISTEN_LOCAL_CHAT Commands bot to listen to messages in local chat and send them to the script
BOT_LISTEN_IM Commands bot to listen to IMs sent to the bot and send them to the script

Movement commands

BOT_WALK Commands bot to move/turn in the specified direction
BOT_WALKTO Commands bot to walk to the specified coordinates
BOT_TELEPORT Commands bot to teleport to a specified location
BOT_FLY Commands bot to start flying
BOT_SIT Commands bot to sit on a prim
BOT_STAND Commands bot to stand up. If a permanent sit UUID is set then this command will clear it.

Group Management commands

BOT_LIST_GROUPS Retrieves a list of all the groups the bot is in
BOT_LIST_GROUP_ROLES Retrieves a list of all the role names and uuid's for a group which the bot is a member of.
BOT_GROUP_JOIN Commands bot to join the specified group
BOT_GROUP_LEAVE Commands bot to leave the specified group
BOT_ACTIVATE_GROUP Commands bot activate a group with given group UUID
BOT_GROUP_SET_ROLE Commands bot to add a group member to the specified role.
Please note: The avatar must already be in the group for this command to work.
BOT_GROUP_INVITE Commands bot to invite a resident to a group
BOT_GROUP_EJECT Commands bot to eject a resident from a group
BOT_SELECT_GROUP_TAG Changes the active group tag/title to the corresponding role UUID.

Friendship commands

BOT_OFFER_FRIENDSHIP Commands bot to offer friendship to someone
BOT_UNFRIEND Commands bot to unfriend to someone
BOT_FRIENDSHIP_CAN_EDIT Commands bot to control a friend's ability to edit/take objects owned by the bot.
BOT_FRIENDSHIP_SEE_ONLINE Commands bot to control a friend's ability to see the bot's online status
BOT_FRIENDSHIP_SEE_ON_MAP Commands bot to control a friend's ability to see the bot's location on the map

Money and Inventory commands

BOT_LISTEN_INVENTORY_OFFER Commands bot to listen to inventory offers
BOT_LISTEN_MONEY_PAYMENTS Commands bot to notify script every time it receives a payment
BOT_GIVE_INVENTORY Commands bot to give an inventory object to someone
BOT_GIVE_MONEY Commands bot to give money to specified uuid
BOT_GIVE_MONEY_OBJECT Commands bot to give money to specified object uuid
BOT_GET_BALANCE Requests the current L$ balance of the bot
BOT_INVENTORY_DELETE Commands bot to delete an inventory item for the given UUID
BOT_NOTECARD_CREATE Commands bot to create a notecard in the inventory.
BOT_NOTECARD_EDIT Commands bot to edit the contents of a notecard for the given UUID
BOT_NOTECARD_READ Returns the contents of a notecard for the given UUID

Bot Appearance commands

BOT_WEAR Commands bot to wear or add a specified item
BOT_TAKEOFF Removes a clothing item, body part or attachment (the opposite of the wear command).
BOT_REBAKE Commands bot to rebake its appearance (reload its clothing and skin textures).
BOT_ATTACHMENTS Requests the attachments being worn by the bot

Sim Management commands

BOT_SIM_RESTART_START Commands bot to begin sim restart
BOT_SIM_RESTART_STOP Commands bot to stop sim restart
BOT_SIM_SEND_MESSAGE Send a message to all avatars in a region. The bot must be an estate manager.
BOT_SIM_KICK Kick an avatar from the region. (Bot must be an estate manager)
BOT_SIM_ACCESS Control access to a sim
(The bot must be an estate manager for this command to work.)
BOT_SIM_ACCESS_ALL_ESTATES Control access to all sims in your estate
(The bot must be an estate manager for this command to work.)

Misc. commands

BOT_LISTEN_DIALOG Commands bot to send dialog requests to the script
BOT_TOUCH_OBJECT Commands bot to touch an object
BOT_ATTACHMENT_OBJECT Commands bot to touch an object currently being worn
BOT_DIALOG_REPLY Commands bot to reply to a dialog menu

The numeric values are available here: Commands and events values.