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AdminBot raises events to inform your script about errors, chat IMs and other things happened. To catch it, use the LSL link_message event (see AdminBot Examples for usage patterns).

Parsing Events

LSL link_message event has the following syntax:

link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) {
  if(num == SB_SETUP_SUCCESS) {

For AdminBot event, num contains the event code (see below). str and id value depend on the event. Refer to the table below for more info.

Events List

The following events can be raised by AdminBot:

Command Description

Command execution status

SB_COMMAND_FAILED Raised when command execution error occurs.
SB_COMMAND_COMPLETED Raised when command execution completes without errors.

Setup status

SB_SETUP_SUCCESS Raised when group has been set successfully (group exists and not expired)
SB_SETUP_FAILED Raised when there was an error setting the group (group does not exist, expired etc)
SB_SETUP_BOTNAME Raised after successful AdminBot initialization. Delivers the bot name and UUID serving the choosen group.

Group status request events

SB_STATUS_REPLY Replies when you request the group status using SB_STATUS_QUERY

Avatar status request events

SB_GROUP_CHECKED The reply of the SB_AVATAR_GROUP command.

Group chat events

SB_CHAT_SUCCESS Raised when bot successfully connects to the group chat (see SB_CHAT_LISTEN)
SB_CHAT_MESSAGE Raised when bot receives the group chat message.

The numeric values are available here: Commands and events IDs.