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Takes (de-rezzes) or copies in-world prim into bot's inventory. Not available for QubicBot yet (?)

Bot.takeInworldPrim(operation, objectUUID, folderUUID);


This command accepts the following parameters:

Variable Required Description

operation yes one of the following values:
  • take - to take object from the world completely
  • copy - to take a copy of the object
objectUUID yes the UUID of the in-world object
folderUUID yes (optional) UUID of the folder to put object to. "Objects" folder will be used if not specified.
Function returns a Promise with the following data:
success bool true if command completed successfully
error string error string if command has failed

Return value

Important: the command does not checks for the operation success.


Your bot has to have rights to grab the object specified (own it, or have permissions an owner's friend).


Touch a special test attachment object (contact SmartBots support to get it):

// Take (de-rez) in-world object to the default ("Objects") folder
Bot.takeInworldPrim("take", "bd36c29f-8a14-4350-b648-3e0f50b6d32a");