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Personal Bot Profile

With SmartBots you are able to change your Personal bot's SL profile without logging inworld. To do this simply login to your smartbots account and click "manage" under bots name, then click "edit Bot SL profile". The following will popup:



  1. Here you place the UUID of the picture you want to use as the bot's profile picture (the image shown in your account will be updated within 12 hours so check inword using a viewer to see if it has been changed).
  2. Specify the URL to load when someone clicks the "Web" tab in the bots profile.
  3. Select this option to hide all the groups that are shown when someone opens the bots profile.
  4. Enter the text you wish to be displayed in the "About" section of the bots profile.
  5. Add more bots to this list so that the same settings will be applied to them.

Obtaining Image UUID

Obtaining an image's UUID is very easy, simply open your inventory, locate the texture and right click on it then select "Copy Asset UUID":


Then press "ctrl + v" in the profile image UUID box. The UUID should look like this:


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