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All CasperTech products have SmartBots embedded into their systems, this means that you do not need to purchase, download or rezz anything extra for SmartBot invitations to work. There are two main ways for invitations to be added to CasperTech products, Bulk (settings applied to all units) and Per-Unit (settings applied to individual units).

Getting Started...

CasperTech products can be configured in a number of ways. To ensure you set up your product correctly, select what product you are using below:

CasperLet Logo.png

Instructions for CasperLet


Instructions for CasperVendĀ²


My CasperTech product is saying that the Access Code is invalid and it isn't inviting!

  1. Firstly, ensure that you are entering the group security code if you use a 'Shared bot' and the Bot name with the bot access code if you are using a 'Personal bot'.
  2. Try changing your group security code to something new and then re-enter the information using the instructions above.
  3. If you're still having issues, please contact CasperTech Support Group or Casper Warden in-world.

My CasperTech product is not sending any messages/invites, but it isn't giving me any error message?

  1. This is due to your account being over its messaging limit. Limits are reset daily, this means that you should receive the invites and messages once it has been reset.