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Franchise Commission

After setting up your SmartBots Franchise you start receiving commission payments from your customers' payments. You receive a commission from group and bot subscription payments made by your customer(s).

Payment Types through Terminal

There are 3 kinds of payments you can receive through your terminal:

  1. Your customer
    This is a customer who joined SmartBots by coming to your office. You get your commission based on your Franchise Level.
  2. Non-franchise customer
    This is a customer who did not use any Franchise office to join. You get a default 5% commission.
  3. Customer of another Franchisee
    This customer belongs to someone else. You don't get any commission (it goes to the other Franchise's owner).


If your customer uses a Payment Terminal owned by someone else (i.e. Terminal in SmartBots office, or another Franchisee's Terminal), you still get your commission. This has been done to prevent stealing customers.

You can not get commission on your own payments. SmartBots Franchise works towards other Second Life residents only.

Receiving your money

Your commission is being added to your SmartBots account, "Franchise" section and can be withdrawn at any time. No withdrawal upper or lower limits applied.



The following payments are not subject to a Franchise commission:

  • Devices, services and add-ons purchases through Second Life Marketplace
  • Devices, services and add-ons purchases through SmartBots Bot Store
  • Payments for additional SmartBots tools which are supplementary to base group and bot subscriptions.

Customers and their property

Franchisee does not gain any rights or preferences in regard to customers referred by that Franchisee, nor their services, balances or any other properties.

Franchisee is not eligible to reveal the personal data of any customers besides their Second Life names and SmartBots subscription payments.

Customer Support

Franchisee is liable to provide support his/her customers at "Partner" and "Professional" levels. The higher commission rate implies this. The lack of a proper support from Franchisee may lead to Franchise plan demotion regardless of number of active customers.

SmartBots is interested in Franchisees actively supporting their customers and receiving higher commission in return.

Commission Amount and Terms Changes

The commission rates and rules mentioned at Franchise and Franchise Commission pages can be changed by SmartBots without a prior notification. SmartBots will take measures to notify all Franchisees about changes but will not responsible for timely delivery of e-mails, SL Instant Messages and other types of notification.

Franchisees are able to monitor current Franchise Terms by visiting pages listed in this category.

Canceling the Franchise Agreement

Franchisee is eligible to cancel the Agreement and stop using SmartBots Franchise at any time.

SmartBots is eligible to cancel the Franchise Agreement if Franchisee violates any clauses mentioned on pages listed in this category.

On cancellation Franchisee does not gain any additional rights or preferences in regard to SmartBots customers, their services, balances or properties.

Terms Agreement

By using SmartBots Franchise a Franchisee confirms that he/she has read all the pages listed in this category and agrees to all clauses mentioned there.