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Group Activity BOOSTER


Group Activity BOOSTER is a special new device created by SmartBots. GAB Machine boosts your parcel traffic, attracting group members to visit it.


  • Increases Group Awareness – people in the group wait for the next game round and paying attention to the group chat and notices.
  • Increases Parcel Traffic – people teleport to the location of the GAB Machine and stay there.
  • Easy to configure – just edit the config notecard!
  • Easy to get at SL Marketplace
  • Use GAB Official Group instead of your group (since v2.0)
  • Use Landing Points and Landing Hunts to allow visitors explore your parcel. (since v3.0)
  • Now supports multi-line texts to customize your messages better (since v3.0)

How does it Work

After your rez, configure and activate the GAB Machine it starts working:

  1. GAB Machine regularly sends a special message to the group: group IM or Notice (at your choice). This special message contains "code" - 6 digit number:

  2. Group members see this code and teleport to your parcel. They touch the GAB Machine and enter the "code":

  3. The first teleported avatars (the number specified by you) get paid a certain amount of money (also specified by you) after staying in the parcel for required time (say, 2 minutes).

Traffic increase

Group Activity BOOSTER increases both your group members awareness and parcel traffic. After teleporting and entering the code residents don't get paid immediately.

Instead, they wait for seconds or minutes - the value set by you. This allows increasing the parcel traffic.


  • To use the GAB Machine you must have an active subscription with SmartBots (create account here and get a 1 week subscription for free).
    Since GAB v2.0 you can use the GAB Official Group instead of using your own group!
  • Alternatively, you can send messages to your own SL group listed with SmartBots.

Read more about GAB configuration.

How to get GAB

GAB Machine is available at SL Marketplace