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Second Life group direct invitation bots


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GAB Configuration

To configure GAB edit the configuration notecard and fill in the blanks with the required information. Note that GAB config requires your group Security code.


Note: the screenshot below does not include v2.0 option "LOCATION NAME". Read more about v2.0 here.


The configuration options are pretty straightforward and well commented.

Customizing MESSAGE TEXT

You can customize the message text ("MESSAGE TEXT" line) by entering your own text. There are several variables available:

  • ~ANSWER~ - this is a random 6 digit code generated by the machine (e.g. 439-582). Visitors will be prompt to enter this code upon touching your GAB Machine.
  • ~SLURL~: This is a current location of the GAB Machine. If not included, visitors can teleport to your parcel and search for the Machine.
  • ~AMOUNT~ This is the amount each visitor gets paid during the current round.

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