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GAB Configuration

To configure GAB edit the configuration notecard and fill in the blanks with the required information. Note that GAB config requires your group Security code.


You can watch our demonstration video below to understand configuration

The configuration options are pretty straightforward and well commented.

Configuration Notecard

To configure Group Activity Booster, right click the object and select "Edit". Go to the object's contents and open the notecard.

Below you will find what each line in the configuration notecard means:

Label Number Description
Group Name Specify your EXACT group name there. Or you can enter GAB if you want to send messages to official GAB group. This costs L$ 2 per day. Read more here
Location name You can enter anything you would like as your location name. Most of the times users enter parcel or business names
Secret code You have to enter your Group Security Code here - Read more
Debug You have to enter one of the two values, either 0 or 1 - Group Activity Booster will start sending out debugging messages to Local Chat. If you do not know what this means, leave it as it is.
Message text You can enter your Group Activity Booster's message text here.
Landing Point NEW FEATURE: Now you can add Landing Points to your GAB device so that your visitors could teleport to specific location instead of directly on the GAB device.
Landing Hunt If you're using Landing Points - Landing Hunt describes how to find your GAB device.
Message Type Group Activity Booster requires an active subscription to Group Notices or Group Chat Control. You have to specify NOTICES and/or CHAT here. You can also enter BOTH or RANDOM
Message Delay Min & Max These two lines define the periods of how many times Group Activity Booster will be sending out messages
Notice Subject If your bot is subscribed to Group Notices service, this line defines the subject of the notice that GAB device will be sending.
Payment Min & Max These two lines define how much you will paying your visitors after their participation in your Group Activity Booster. Device will be choosing the amount randomly.
Payment Delay Defines how long your visitors have to stay at your parcel to get paid.
Visitors to pay Maximum amount of visitors to allow participating in Group Activity Booster at the same time.

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