SmartBots (SmartBots2Life)

Second Life group direct invitation bots


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Some 3rd-party systems can be powered by special SmartBots plugins. For example, HippoRent boxes get an ability to invite/eject tenants, SHX DJ devices are able to send music titles to the group chat.

Group Invitation plugins

  • CasperTech products has SmartBots built in, click this link for instructions.
  • HippoRent plugin allows inviting/ejecting tenants from SL group
  • AlikaRent Plugin allows inviting/ejecting tenants from SL group
  • IntelliAd boards plugin invites tenants to SL group
  • SHX Greeter has SmartBots plugins embedded already
  • Casper system supports SmartBots invitations out of the box

Group Chat plugins

  • MidnightMania connector - forwards MM messages to SL group chat
  • SHX SRC allows sending music titles to the group chat. SmartBots plugin is embedded in SRC already.

Various scripts

  • Invite-on-Rez sends a direct group invitation when buyer rez your box.

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