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Support Prim

Video Tutorial & Documentation Here

Support Prim is a simple device you can use to encourage your customers to contact you. Think of it as a button which asks your Personal Bot to contact the customer:


After touching the Support Prim your bot immediately sends an IM to the resident offering them help:



Support Prim is being configured using a .config notecard found inside the device. You have to specify at least your bot's name and bot access code:


You can customize the message the bot sends to your customers. You can also insert the resident's name to the message:

%SL_NAME% - resident's complete SL name (e.g. IamVisitor Resident)
%FIRST_NAME% - resident's first name (e.g. IamVisitor)

Obtaining Support Prim

You can get the Support Prim object from any of our device vendors in-world by clicking Devices-->For bots. It is available in either black or white.

The Prim is modifiable and contains the person's image as a separate texture. You can easily change it to your logo: just drag it to the central part of the Prim.

Alive Support Bot integration

Support Prim works perfectly along with your Alive Support Bot. Additionally, you can edit the invitation message for all your Support Prims at your Support Bot's settings page:


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