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SmartBots Remote

SmartBots Remote is a new program that allows you to login your bots even if you are offline.


  • No need to be online in Second Life!
  • Can login bots from any PC! (Just install the SmartBots Remote app on it)
  • Remembers your bot passwords!
  • Can automatically relog bots if they go down! (App must remain open)
  • Includes server status (for both SL and SmartBots, now you can know when our servers are down!)
  • Minimizes to tray (no need to have the window open constantly)
  • Automatic updates


This section shows you what SmartBots Remote looks like when it is running with an account logged in.

Item Number Description
1: Name Shows the name of the account that's currently logged in
2: Password SmartBots password that's encrypted
3: Remember Password When this option is enabled the program will remember your password and log you in automatically when it starts (still remembers password even when its updated).
4: Forgot Password Clicking this link opens your web browser to the reset password page.
5: Run on Startup Enabling this allows the program to run when you turn on your computer.
6: Check for new version Manually check for a new version of SB Remote (App checks for updates each time its started).
7: System Status Shows how many bot servers are online (7.1) and if SL is running fine (7.2).
8: Bot Status Shows if your bot is online (green) or offline (8.1 - red).
9: Bot Name Shows your bots' name
10: Bot password Password field for the bot that's shown in #9
11: Logout Button If your bot is online click logout to log it out, else login will be displayed allowing you to login your bot.
12: Keep logged in Enable this option if you want the program to automatically log back in your bot if it goes offline for any reason (sim restarts etc).
13: Reload Bots Click this to refresh your bots' statuses
14: Add more bots Want more bots? Click this link to go to your account to add more!
15: About SB Remote Shows information about the program.

How do I get it?

You can get SmartBots Remote by clicking this link, you can also find instructions on how to install it here.

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