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ToolBox 2013 for Developers

How to apply

To participate in the SmartBots ToolBox 2013 contest, email your application to

The application should contain the following information:

  • Your SL name
  • Device/Service name
  • Short description of your tool (500 chars max)
  • 2 or more in-world screenshots
  • If your device has a web interface: at least 2 web page screenshots
  • Which contest nominations you wish to participate? (see here)
  • Is demo-version available for customers?


Which SmartBots services my device should utilize?

Your device may use any service provided by SmartBots: group inviter, group chat, notices, AdminBot, HTTP API and any other service.

How do I register my creation for contest?

Send an email to with your creation details.

Do you accept web sites (not in-world devices)?

Yes, we accept all kinds of tools and services, including web-based.