Transaction Notice To Discord (script)

Bot Store Messaging Transaction Notice To Discord
Playground Script

This is a ready-to-use Bot Playground script. Get and run it, no scripting knowledge required.

Daxxed Engineering is proud to release Bot Transactions to Discord plugin. This will report when your bot Linden Transactions to Discord. To set this up please follow the steps below.

Important Links
*Support - DaxSupportAgent Resident
*Our website -
*Marketplace -
*Discord -

How to Install
1) Once you click on buy - Smartbots will load into a Thank you screen with a link to activate your new script.
2) Once you click on the activation link, Playground will open - On the left of the screen you will see your new script. It should have a circle that is grey to indicate the script is not running, and "--" on it indicating it is not connected to a bot yet.
3) Click on your new script, and you will now see the script details and configuration.
4) If your script needs permissions (most do) Please start by confirming that you understand your bot will use the following functions. Click "CONFIRM" to move to step 5
5) Now that you have confirmed the permissions, you will see the bot list light up. Please pay close attention to this step.

A) Select the bot you want the script attached to - THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE!

6) After selecting the bot of choice, a button will appear "ASSIGN" click this to confirm your bot selection.
7) Now you will be prompted to input any settings the script requires.

A) Please note these are securely stored in your SmartBots account and DaxxedSL Engineering has NO access to this data.

8) Once you have fully configured the settings please press "SAVE"
9) Now you have fully configured the script and connected it to a Bot, Click "RUN" and this will start the script!
10) Most DaxxedSL Engineering scripts will log any errors on the right of the PlayGround screen!

This script will ask for the following permissions:

  • MONEY_TRANSFER - Bot is allowed to send money from its balance
  • INSTANT_MESSAGE - Bot is allowed to send Instant Messages
Purchase can be refunded within 3 days
(No Questions policy)

Author: Daxton Blakewell

Get support: DaxSupportAgent

Item type: Bot Playground script