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API AI Autoresponder

About API.AI

API.AI is a powerful AI system made by Google that allows you to create your own bots with autoresponder feature for free. You can use this feature with your Personal Bot service

Creating API.AI Chatbot

To start creating your chatbot you will need to sign-in to API.AI using your Google Account

  1. After signing-in to your API.AI account, click "Create agent"
  2. Insert general information about your chatbot and hit "Save"
API AI Creating agent.png

Building your chatbot

Building your chatbot takes time, but it's quite easy, here's how you can build a very basic chatbot of your own.

Adding intent.png
  1. Click on add intent function (+) in your account
  2. Add your message under User says and bot's response under Text response
  3. Hit save!

Repeat the process mentioned above for all the trigger messages you wish. To know more advanced ways of building a chatbot, refer to API.AI Documentation

Link with SmartBots

After finalizing your chatbot, you will have to find your Client access token - click Settings button next to your agent name.

Access token.png

  1. Find your Client access token under API Keys
  2. Paste that in to your Bot Control Panel
Control Panel.png