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How to pay for Personal Bot

Locate SmartBots terminal. The easiest way is to teleport to SmartBots office. You can also use SmartBots Terminals in partner locations.


  1. Touch SmartBots Terminal:
    Pay for bot 0.jpg
  2. Click on the "Payments..." button:
    Pay for bot 1.jpg
  3. Click on the "Pay bot" button:
    Pay for bot 2.jpg
  4. Choose your bot from the list, and click corresponding button:
    Pay for bot 3.jpg
  5. Short instruction appears. Follow instruction and right-click the terminal:
    Pay for bot 4.jpg
  6. Right click on the terminal and select pay
    Pay for bot 5.jpg
  7. Pay the desired amount using SL Viewer window:
    Pay for bot 6.jpg

Note: If you have a lot of personal bots

If you have a lot of personal bots, only 7 bots per page will be displayed:

Pay for bot 2-1.jpg

Click on the "More bots" button to list pages and access more of your bots.


Q: The SL viewer payment window does not contain any numbers!

A: Just repeat the procedure, and payment window will be fixed. This is a bug in the SL Viewer.