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QubicBot Interface

This is a bot add-on module:

1. Get this addon:
2. Configure in left menu:
3. Get more help:

About this module

The QubicBot interface is designed to work with QubicBot, an application which allows you to run Second Life bots on your PC.

What is this module for?

You should use the QubicBot Interface module if you have QubicBot installed and want to run your SmartBots bot on your PC. Doing this will allow you to control the Message Limits on your bot yourself, without hardware limitations while still using ALL SmartBots features i.e. you can still control the bot using your inworld HUD, send scheduled notices from your dashboard etc.

Important: You will be required to have an active SmartBots personal bot subscription to use this module with your QubicBot. QubicBot has a one time license fee.

Using the module

You can get the module here.

Please note: After getting the module, you will need to attach it to your bot. Instructions to get and attach the module can be found here.

Once you get the module you will receive a special token that is entered into the QubicBot program before the bot logs in.

To obtain your token: On your account dashboard click QubicBot Interface Token:


and your token will be displayed.

To use the token follow the QubicBot instructions.

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