AI (GPT) IM Autoresponder (script)

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Playground Script

This is a ready-to-use Bot Playground script. Get and run it, no scripting knowledge required.

AI IM autoresponder to your bot, powered by ChatGPT!

Once you setup and launch this script, bot will start responding to IM messages in Second Life.


1. Buy this script
2. Select bot to attach
3. Specify AI instructions
4. Enjoy AI!


Instructions describe a behaviour, role and knowledge of your AI bot. We have instruction examples, check script docs!


SmartBots AI consumes Tokens (a "charge" for your AI). Check Apps/SmartBots AI page in your account to see your Tokens, and get them.

This script will ask for the following permissions:

  • INSTANT_MESSAGE - Script is allowed to send Instant Messages
  • SMARTBOTS_AI - Script is allowed to access SmartBots AI engine
Purchase can be refunded within 3 days
(No Questions policy)

Author: Glaznah Gassner

Get support: Glaznah Gassner

Item type: Bot Playground script