Automatic Group Chat Translator

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SmartBots Group Translator automatically translates your group chat messages to
desired language. Device is configurable using notecard.

Important: This device requires Chat Translator subscription with SmartBots. The
service subscription price is L$39 per week.


The setup is very easy and takes about 10 minutes.

1. First of all, you need to create account with SmartBots:
2. Add your SL group to SmartBots and pay subscription.
3. Give a "Join Chat" permission to your SmartBots bot.

Save the Translator's config notecard, and bot will start translating your group messages!


Join "SmartBots: group invitation bots" Second Life group. Open the group chat and say something in language other than English.


If you have any questions, our live support team will be glad to help you, please visit our website to see the online support managers:

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