Group Activity BOOSTER - boost parcel traffic

Bot Store Advertising Group Activity BOOSTER - boost parcel traffic
Group Activity BOOSTER is a special new device created by SmartBots. GAB Machive increases activity in your group and also boosts the parcel traffic!

There are two options:

1. Use GAB official group to attract visitors to your parcel

2. Use your own SL group listed with SmartBots


After your rez, configure and activate the GAB Machine (see below) it starts working:

1. GAB Machine regularly sends a special message to the group: group IM or Notice (at your choice). This special message contains "code" - 6 digit number.

2. Group members see this code and teleport to your parcel. They touch the GAB Machine and enter the "code".

3. The first teleported avatars (the number specified by you) get paid a certain amount of money (also specified by you) after staying in the parcel for required time.


The device usage cost consists ONLY of your payments to the visitors (you set them yourself). You need the active SmartBots subscription though.

Sometimes you may not want to use your own group. You can spam to "GAB - the Group Activity Booster" official group then, this costs L$2 per day.

For example, if you pay L$1 every hour and allow 2 visitors to get paid, your maximum spendings per week are:

L$1 x 2 visitors x 24 hours x 7 days = L$336 per week


1. Rez the Device
2. Edit config notecard to set the group name
3. Start the Machine by touching it

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Author: SmartBots

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