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SMS Pro - Subscription Mailbox System Pro

from ArtiZan Creative Solutions

Fully flexible, multi-featured, in-world group mail system


♦ Completely in-world group mail solution
♦ One-time purchase - no ongoing fees
♦ Store lists on notecards or in your own database - no permanent storage in scripts
♦ Keep as many lists as you want - you have full control
♦ Mix and match Subscriber and Mailbox Systems to suit your own needs
♦ Devices are independent: rez as needed, place wherever you wish.
♦ All are copy and mod (except scripts which are copy only). Rename, change shape or textures as you wish.


SMS has two separate parts:

♦ Subscriber - lets visitors join or leave your list with one click.
♦ Mailbox - Outgoing mail sender

These are not networked - you store your mail lists independently. This gives you the flexibility to use both devices for whichever purposes you choose.


The SMS package includes a Subscriber (Multi), allowing you to place signs at multiple locations, and a Mailbox Pro, which sends up to 2 instant messages and any number of items to up to 12000 names at a time and has manager access.

Other options available in the Subscriber and Mailbox ranges. See chart below.


♦ Place your Subscriber sign/s.
♦ Collect your names via chat or email or regular reports - daily, weekly, on-demand or when sign full.
♦ Add names to your existing mail list.
♦ Add list to your mailbox.
♦ Send your message and/or items to your mail list.


♦ Subscriber Sign ♦

Subscriber allows visitors to join or leave your mail list with one click.
Names will be formatted as one name per line for easy addition to your names list for your Mailbox.

New in Version 2
Now also includes group invite option, via chat or full integration with SmartBots automatic bot invite service.


On a single touch, Subscriber can:

• Record subscriber name
• Give any items, individually or in folder
• Load webpage URL
• Say custom message to subscriber
• Notify owner by IM (with or without profile link)
• Play sound
• Also offer group invite via private chat message or direct bot invite.

All functions optional and easily customised.

Other Features

• Notecard setup and customisation – easy to edit and duplicate
• Menu for regular operations
• Reports name list on demand via IM or email
• Automatic regular email report options - daily, weekly or monthly
• Sends name list automatically via email at 150 names (backup mechanism if list is full) and clears list.
Sign can be set up and left to run automatically.
• Names list report already formatted for easy addition to Mailbox or Postmaster for mailouts
• 12 styles of kiosk and signs included - or make your own.
• Hovertext in 10 colours
• All chat messages to subscriber can be customised in Config (eg you can change all to another language)
• Copy – unlimited, easy to duplicate setup
• Mod - rename and modify signs or place scripts in any object of your own.


♦ Mailbox Pro ♦

The Mailbox system lets you automatically send IMs and any items to a list of avatar names.

New in Version 2

• Sends two messages and unlimited items
• Automatic item detection - no need to list items to send
• Emails mailout summary on completion - set and forget
• Works with lists of names and/or keys - auto detects format
• Includes both regular Mailbox and new HUD version
• Built-in duplicate detector ignores repeated names/keys
• Mail merge - personalise messages with recipient's full name or first name
• 'Test Click' function to preview your mailout setup
• Mails up to 12000 avatars in one mailout
• Manager access for use by multiple accounts

How to use your Mailbox

• Rez the Mailbox,
• type in your message/s
• drag in your item/s to send,
• give it your list of avatar names,
• and then mail automatically with one mouseclick.


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See the Mailbox Product Range below

• Free version updates included.
• Upgrade to a higher model and only pay the difference.

Author: zanara zenovka

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