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ArtiZan Business Script Collection: Group Invite on Touch



Put this script and config notecard inside any object and it will offer a group invite when touched.

Customer will receive a blue popup message and a group invite link in chat.

Include your own custom text message (up to 245 characters), personalised by name or first name (uses display names).

It can also notify the owner when touched, via IM or email (both optional).

Invites to any group you list (not just the group your sign is set to)

Choice of 10 hovertext colours (optional)

Reports the number of times accessed.

Includes "Test" and "Check Setup" functions to easily verify your settings.

Optional - Also supports SmartBots group management bot service.
If you have a SmartBots account it will trigger a bot invite, otherwise it will give a popup and chat link invite as usual



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Author: zanara zenovka

Item type: DEVICE

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