Easy Greeter

The Easy Greeter
Greet your visitors with a easy (fully customizable) menu.

Want to change the menu buttons and what they do?
Then this is the greeter for you!?

- Customizable IM message to greet visitors automatically upon arrival
- FULLY Customizable Blue Dialog Menu (optional on arrival)
- Buttons can: Send notecards, Landmarks, IMs, Objects, or Direct Group invites with SmartBot.
- Scan range can be set from 1m to 96m or limited to the parcel the Easy Greeter is on
- Customizable scan rate?

- Includes a board that can be clicked to trigger the menu from the EasyGreeter (sim wide, low lag & encryption)
- Includes a welcome mat that triggers the menu from the Easy Greeter (sim wide, low lag & encryption) ?
- Customizable Automatic Re-Greet (send a visitors the menu ever day they come to your place instead of just ones.)

- Add up to 5 managers- Notifications (for managers and owner) to shows who visits your place and when they leave (Optional)
- Visitor Count (shows up to 50 days)
- Visitor Log (shows up to 150 names including date/time and duration)
- Low lag (even in heavy traffic places like clubs and malls)
- Fast and Friendly customer service

Author: bobsknief Orsini

Item type: DEVICE

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