Group IM => Discord (script)

Bot Store Messaging Group IM => Discord
Playground Script

This is a ready-to-use Bot Playground script. Get and run it, no scripting knowledge required.

Lethal Addons have worked on this amazing Group IM Forward to DIscord & IM Script

Instructions to Setup:-

1.) Once purchased, activate script by following the link
2.) Find the script on the Left Scripts list.
3.) Select the script and confirm the script permissions. [ ]
4.) Select your bot you want the script to run with and click Assign. [ ]
5.) Enter the Group Name & Discord Webhook you want the Group IM Forwarded to. [ ]
* Click Save
* Click Run

How to create a discord webhook?

IMPORTANT: This addon only sends Group IM's to Discord. It does not send Discord Messages to the group due to limitations. For 2 way synchronization visit for more addons.
Purchase can be refunded within 3 days
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Author: Nealb

Get support: LethalAddonSupport Resident

Item type: Bot Playground script