SmartBots Invite-on-Rez Script (open source)

Bot Store Scripts SmartBots Invite-on-Rez Script (open source)
Invite-on-Rez script sends a direct group invitation when buyer rez your box. Optional Instant Message can be sent as well.

You need to have a SmartBots subscription to deliver invitations! Price is from L$79 per week:


The script is open-source, you should modify it to set your group details.

You don't need any scripting knowledge to use the script:

1. Set GROUP_NAME variable to your group name
2. Set SECURITY_CODE to your group security code (see
3. Set optional MESSAGE and FORCE
4. Save the script and close it
5. IMPORTANT: right-click the script in your inventory and REMOVE MODIFY permission.

That's all. Just drop the script to your boxes, and all buyers will get an invitation on rez.

Author: SmartBots

Get support: SmartBots

Item type: DEVICE