Bot Transfer Lindens to Avatar (script)

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Playground Script

This is a ready-to-use Bot Playground script. Get and run it, no scripting knowledge required.

Lethal Addons have worked on this amazing Bot Transfer Lindens to Avatar Script

This script makes the Bot transfer any L$ it has received to the avatar setup in settings.

Instructions to Setup:-

1.) Once purchased, activate script by following the link
2.) Find the script on the Left Scripts list.
3.) Select the script and confirm the script permissions. [ ]
4.) Select your bot you want the script to run with and click Assign. [ ]
5.) Enter the UUID of the Avatar you want the L$ transferred to. [ ]
* Click Save
* Click Run

This script will ask for the following permissions:

  • MONEY_TRANSFER - Bot is allowed to send money from its balance
  • INSTANT_MESSAGE - Bot is allowed to send Instant Messages
Purchase can be refunded within 3 days
(No Questions policy)

Author: Nealb

Get support: LethalAddonSupport Resident

Item type: Bot Playground script