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SBSL Events

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SBSL events are being fired when something happens with your bot. You can have as much event handlers as you wish.

To know more about events usage, refer to Working with SBSL Events.

Events List

Click on the event name to get detailed description of the event and its variables.

Event Description
balance_changed Fires when bot's balance changes.
instant_message Fires when bot receives Instant Message from avatar or object.
start_typing Fires when someone starts typing a message to the bot
chat_message Fires when bot receives a local chat message.
group_im Fires when bot receives a group chat message.
group_notice Fires when bot receives a group notice.
inventory_offer Fires when someone offers the inventory item to the bot.
teleport_offer Fires when someone asks bot to teleport somewhere.
group_offer Fires when someone invites bot to the group.
avatar_in_parcel Fires when someone enters the same parcel as the bot.
avatar_out_parcel Fires when someone leaves the parcel the bot is in.

This is not final list of the events, we are constantly extending it. Submit a Wish List entry in your account if you need any specific event.

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