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SBSL Examples

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The following examples show the basic functionality of SBSL. Click on the script name to open page with its contents.

Script Library

Script Description

IM and chat processing

Simple IM Autoresponder The script replies with a predefined message.
Advanced IM Autoresponder Script replies with one of the predefined replies, based on resident's message.
Local chat forwarder Forwards all local chat of the bot to your avatar. (Warning: may flood you!)
IM autoresponder with HTTP Forwards all instant messages to HTTP script, and replies with its return value

Group management

Group invitation notifier Script sends notification to the specified avatar (probably manager) when someone (probably spammer) invites bot to the new group.
Group chat to URL forwarder Forwards all group chat to your web script (for example, written in PHP). Your script may send replies to the chat.

For more examples open the SBSL Commands section and examine the command's page.

Where do I put these scripts?

These scripts can be entered at your personal bot's programming page:

  1. Login to SmartBots account
  2. Locate your bot in "Personal Bots" list, click "manage bot" link:
    Sbsl use script 1.jpg
  3. Click on the "view SBSL scripts" link:
    Sbsl use script 2.jpg
  4. Click "Add new script" and paste the code.