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SBSL Commands

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Commands are instructions for your bot. They are being executed when event is fired.

Commands List

The following commands can be used within SBSL events (click on the command for further details):

Command Description

Flow control

return Ends current event processing (usually is being used with if).
if Provides the conditional execution of the commands.


say_chat Bot says a message to local (public) chat.
say_chat_channel Says message to specific chat channel.
im Sends an Instant Message to the resident.
im_uuid Deprecated, use im command instead.
send_group_im Sends a message to the group chat.

Group Management

prepare_group_notice Prepares (but DOES NOT delivers) the group notice.
send_group_notice Does the actual delivery of a previously prepared notice.
group_invite Sends the group invitation to the resident, inviting him/her to the specific group role.
group_eject Ejects resident from the group.

Inventory and Money

give_inventory Gives the specific object or inventory folder to the resident.
give_money Sends the money to specific resident.


http_query Does HTTP POST request to a specific URL and returns a reply.

Very flexible command which allows easily extending your bot's functionality to no limits.

google_check_calendar This command queries your Google Calendar and receives today's events.

See also

See the SBSL Events list for list of available events firing by the bot.

Visit SBSL Examples section for examples.