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group_invite (SBSL Command)

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Sends the group invitation to the resident, inviting him/her to the specific group role.



Command parameters

The following table explain the entries of the command:

Entry Description
RESIDENT-UUID the resident UUID to invite
GROUP-UUID the group UUID to invite to
ROLE-NAME the name of the role.


To invite to the default group role, use Everyone role name.

1. Use the role name, not the role title! The name is case-sensitive.

Make sure that you use the role name. Using the role title (or the role tag name) won't work. Also remember that role name is cAsE SeNsItIvE!

If role-name is misspelled, then invite will work though but will invite avatars to default Everyone role.

2. Give the necessary permissions to the bot!

Inviting to the specific role (besides "Everyone") requires an additional group setup:

  1. "Assign members to Assigner's Roles" ability given to the bot
  2. Bot have to be a member of that role.

If bot has lack abilities, the flashing pop-up appears in viewer of the invited person, reporting that "Inviter is lack of permission...".

Read Inviting residents to custom role page for more details.


Invites resident to the group when resident asks for invitation (says "invite" using IM):

instant_message {
  if $message == invite
    group_invite $speaker_uuid 0b65a122-8f77-64fe-5b2a-225d4c490d9c Everyone

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