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give_inventory (SBSL Command)

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Gives the specific object or inventory folder to the resident.



Command parameters

The following table explain the entries of the command:

Entry Description
RESIDENT-UUID the resident UUID to invite
OBJECT-ID the object or folder inventory UUID (see comments below)


OBJECT-ID is the inventory UUID, not an asset UUID. It can be retrieved in SmartBots account, by using "Inventory" page of your bot.

  1. The inventory is loading each time your bot restarts. Allow about 60 seconds for inventory to completely load.
  2. Bot automatically recognizes the inventory folders and delivers them accordingly.
  3. The commands freezes for about 15 seconds if object UUID is not exists in bot's inventory. To avoid this make sure you are using correct UUIDs.


Gives resident a notecard (or whatever else) when resident starts talking with bot:

start_typing {
  group_invite $speaker_uuid 3b65a122-8f77-64fe-5b2a-225d4c490d9c

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